Friday, March 27, 2009

Bathtime! (improvised...)

Early Spring 2009002, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Here is Norah before her first "bath" since the cast. We are gathering signatures as we go along, and I have since decorated it with stars and flowers....

The sink bath didn't go well. She was confused and scared, and screamed the whole time. Afterwards,she said "big bath" meaning she wanted to take a REAL bath in the tub....sorry Norah....

Tired girls!

Early Spring 2009009, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Norah and I look pretty tired after our long night. Uncle Nick and Sunny came to sign the cast/say goodbye/give Norah a get well gift, and we thought we would all pose for a photo. Norah loves the little horse, Nick and Sunny!

Two hours to go....

Early Spring 2009004, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Norah and I were in MI for 6 days, and in the last 2 hours before her bedtime on the last day, she fell and broke her leg!!!!

She was "dancing" at Aunt Alessia and Uncle Jim's house, which for Norah involves spinning in circles, giggling, and getting very dizzy. Well, she must have fallen just right, because we heard a thump followed by about 45 minutes of crying (NOT normal for Norah). So, I called the doctor, and they suggested I bring her to the ER, since she wasn't putting any weight on her leg.
We were at the ER from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am, and emerged with confirmation that Norah had broken her tibia (shin bone) and her leg in a cast from the foot to the hip. They told us it could be 4-6 weeks of sponge baths, no walking, and no swimming! All I could think was, "Good thing it's not summer right now!!!"

When they put the cast on, Norah was intrigued by the "big sock" they were putting on her leg. First, the doctor put a liner on her leg, to protect the skin. Then, he wrapped several layers of soft cotton around the leg, to protect and cushion it. Then, he wrapped several layers of fiberglass casting around her leg. Norah kept saying, "Big Sock" or "Hard Sock" as he was doing this. After he left, she said, "Sock OFF!" She had already had enough after 10 minutes!

Thank you to Alessia who stayed in the hospital with us. We were both so tired by 1:00 am, and Norah was at her slap-happy/talkative stage of sleep deprivation. She was busy opening and closing her wipes container and saying "Open! Close! Open! Close!" very excitedly while Alessia and I tried to rest in our chairs. What a long night!

Here is Norah the next morning, after getting only 6 hours of sleep (compared to her usual 11-12....). Not a happy camper at this point.

Nice Weather!

Early Spring 2009033, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Alessia and I took the babies for a walk with her dog, Zero. This double stroller is great! Norah and Ethan kept talking to one another in baby-speak. Ethan would say "ba!" and then Norah would reply, "ba!" and Ethan would laugh and say "ba!" again.....and so on! They really had a good time. We caught them holding hands, too. So sweet!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The BIG Slide

Early Spring 2009032, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Norah and I climbed the big slides and had a blast going down (they are FAST!).

Monkey Bars

Early Spring 2009028, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

This is meant to be an optical illusion, leading you to believe that Chiara can still cross monkey-bars! I don't know how I ever did it! I used to be quite the pro!

Shawmut Park

Early Spring 2009023, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Emerging from the tunnel, and pleased at her accomplishment! It is a long tunnel!

At Shawmut Park

Early Spring 2009021, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Norah, Nonna, and I went to Shawmut School to play on the playground. Here is Norah getting ready to explore the big tunnel!

At the Zoo

Early Spring 2009015, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Norah and Christopher and Alexandra and I went to the zoo one morning while Norah and I were in GR. They had a great time seeing the bears, wild cats, lions, and monkeys!

Bubble Bliss

Early Spring 2009039, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Liked how the bubbles turned out in this one...

Bubble Joy

Early Spring 2009062, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

It's difficult to get Norah to smile for photos anymore. Candid shots of her happy face are always nice to get--however few and far between!

The Bubble Baron

Early Spring 2009056, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

James is the best bubbler in bubble-town. That sure is cheesy, but it's true! He can make some BIG bubbles!

Bubble busting! 2

Early Spring 2009050, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Run, Norah, Run! (Norah can run now!)

Bubble busting!

Early Spring 2009042, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.!

Bubble face

Early Spring 2009040, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

This is Norah's "I am so excited that Daddy got the bubbles out!" face. Note the clenched fists and ready stance to do some serious bubble-busting!