Thursday, May 31, 2007

All Clean

Hospital029, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Norah is a big baby. The standard hospital clothing was too tight. They gave us the next step up, which seems a little big. It's okay. Norah likes it.

First Bath

Hospital027, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Norah takes her first bath, or more like the bath took her!

The nurse did a great job showing us how to clean Norah every couple of days. She didn't like it very much, but the nurse said she'll most likely get used to it and even enjoy it.

"I'm Ready for My Close Up, Mr. DeMille"

Hospital025, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

If you look at the ultrasound from a few days ago, you can really see that she has a big upper lip. It's very cute.

Chiara and I both think she looks like a (grumpy) old man.

Getting Weighed

Hospital024, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Norah is getting weighed. Her name tag says, "Nora" as this was before we had nailed down the name.

Welcome to the World

Hospital006, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

A Few Minutes Old

Hospital005, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

I know you guys want pictures so here a few. I snuck out of the hospital to take a shower and get some dinner. I'm also going to upload a bunch of pictures.

This one is of Norah almost as soon as she was born.

Norah Claire Hemsley is Welcomed to the World

Hi everyone.

I'm at the hospital still, so this will be short and unfortunately, no pictures until I can get home, but that will be the first thing I do, when I get there.

Norah Claire Hemsley was born on May 31, 2007 at 6:24 in the morning. There was some deliberation about the way her name should be spelled but we are finally committing to the "h" at the end (thanks to those who have provided input on the matter).

Norah comes from Eleanor which can mean "light" or "honorable light." Claire is the Gallic version of "Chiara," which also means light or clear.

Norah weighed 10lbs 6.7 oz. Had Chiara known this going in, she would have opted for an epidural or other pain medication. That's right. All natural birth. And I tell you, I barely made it through it!

Norah is 21 and a half inches long.

Chiara and I both think she has a contemplative face. She has already started eating and is doing quite well.

Chiara and I thank you for your support and I'll be sure to have those pictures up as soon as possible.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Womb Picture

Pretty cute nose!

Last Pictures in the Womb

A couple of pictures before Baby Hemsley emerges. Boy does she have big lips!

Today is the day!

We had an appointment yesterday to check Baby Hemsley's status. The amniotic fluid was right on the line of "OK" and "NOT OK", so they did a non-stress test (NST), where they monitor her heart rate for a little while to see if it increases when she is active, etc. It was funny because she started off well on the NST, but then, she decided to take a nap, so they didn't have enough to go on to make a judgement. So the nurse said, "Let's try the radio" and they strapped a radio playing classic rock (loudly!) to my belly.

Baby Hemsley must like classic rock, because she started moving almost instantly--especially on a song by Def Leppard!! We were laughing as she tried to kick the radio off my belly! It was rolling to the left and right--very funny.

Anyway, after the NST (which was fine), we discussed with Laura, a midwife, what our options were. She said that the fluid would not increase with us waiting, so she was not opposed to inducing within the next couple of days. We said "OK" and decided on today (Wednesday) because Labor and Delivery is supposed to be busier on Thursday.

So, now we are scheduled to go in today around noon to start the process. We are both very excited! We will send photos as soon as we can, and of course, we will tell you the name ASAP!

James might post some of the most recent ultrasound photos today before we leave. We got a nice view of her face, and a profile. It was hard to distinguish other parts, though; she is packed in there pretty tight!

More soon...

Chiara and James

Monday, May 28, 2007

Yes, your phones are working...

I keep getting phone calls from friends and family saying that something MUST have happened by now, but alas, nothing has.

Baby Hemsley REALLY likes it in my tummy (who wouldn't?), because she is now almost 1 week late! Talk about torture! I don't know who is taking this harder: James and I, or our parents. Everyone just wants me to go into labor already, and I have been getting lots of advice on how to make that happen (none of which has worked, by the way!).

Today James and I went for a longer walk than usual, in an effort to get her excited about coming out. So far, no signs of any action--hopefully tonight.

Don't worry--we will call or email when it happens. In the meantime, pray for sanity for James and I, a spirit of peace as we await our baby's birth, and a safe delivery when she does decide it's time!

-Chiara and James

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

T + 1 day...and counting...

May 22 has come and gone without incident. Now James and I are very anxious. We were hoping that his grandparents would be able to meet Baby Hemsley, but they are leaving today around noon, and I don't feel any contractions yet (it's 9:15 a.m.). So, I don't think that will happen.

Now, we are hoping she will come before James' parents and brother leave on Friday. James' dad says he is going to buy me a mini-trampoline to jump on to get her moving! I think she is just too cozy in there!

Every day, I leave work so that I am finished with this or that project. Then, I have to come back the next day and find things to do to fill a day. It is frustrating!

I am feeling good, though. I can't complain about that!

More soon.


Monday, May 21, 2007

One More Day?

Well, it is now May 21, and Baby Hemsley is due on May 22. So, do we have one more day to wait for her arrival? The not knowing is killing us--James is on pins and needles. Every time I call him, if there is any tension or urgency in my voice, he comes running! Then he gets upset because I am 'not in labor'! He says that when I actually am in labor, he might not come! I am constantly analyzing her movements, her position, and my physical feelings to see if I am in labor. I barely sleep--still having crazy dreams and insomnia. I was wide awake from 4-5:30 this morning for no reason!

We can't wait to meet her, hold her, and show her to the rest of you! We need patience and peace while we wait.

Hopefully, there will be more news soon.

--Chiara and James

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spring 2007

Spring 2007005, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Sympathy Weight

Spring 2007004, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

I'm trying to catch up with Chiara with my own spare tire!

Chiara Profile

Spring 2007002, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

For everyone trying to guess the weight of the baby, Chiara wanted to take a profile shot. Hope this helps.

Hanging Out in the Back Yard

Spring 2007001, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Chiara and I planted some tomatoes in the back yard. We're both trying to find things to do to pass the time.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One Week to Go!

Baby Hemsley is due on May 22, and that means that we have one more week to go! James and I have been anxiously awaiting her arrival. We both keep having frantic dreams (me: about labor; James: that "she" is a "he"!) and are not getting much sleep at night. With trips to the bathroom every 1.5 hours, baby's movements from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. (I think she will be a night owl...), and James generating 1000 BTU's of heat, it is difficult to sleep!

We have decided to keep her name a secret, but boy, are we ready to tell you all what we have chosen. We hope you will like it, and if you don't, you won't be able to tell us so! Ha, Ha! For now, she goes by Leona, Baby, or Precious Princess--depending on who you talk to!

I have had a great pregnancy and I have mixed feelings about it coming to an end. I have loved every minute of it--especially feeling her grow and move inside of me. James loves to tease her and get her to kick his hand. I love knowing that she is safe and warm and cozy in there--and we both hope that we will be good enough parents to keep her happy on the outside!

Over the past year, we have definitely had a roller coaster ride. Baby Hemsley will come almost exactly 1 year after our son Samuel's birth. It has been interesting "re-living" my pregnancy with Samuel over the past 10 months. Samuel taught us so much about ourselves, our faith, our families, friends, and our Lord. Baby Hemsley has brought us hope that we will have the large family we have always wanted. James says 12 kids; I say 3-4!

As we await the baby's birth, we want to remember Samuel's time with us--which was so meaningful--and we hope you will, too. Baby Hemsley will always know she has a big brother, and that we will all see him again one day!

We will keep you posted. In the meantime, pray for cool weather, pleasant dreams, and short labor!

--Chiara and James

Chiara Tries on Baby Clothes

IMG_2721, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Jim and Anne Marie

IMG_2717, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Chiara Opens Presents

IMG_2713, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Chiara opens presents while Amanda Owen looks on.

Trying to Stay Standing

IMG_2685, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Boy was I dizzy.

Swing and a Miss!

IMG_2691, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

My Turn

IMG_2683, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Dave Basel was quite enthusiastic about spinning me around. Between him spinning me about 20 times and the blindfold, it's a wonder I didn't hit one of the bystanders.

Jim Takes a Whack

IMG_2681, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Anne Marie

IMG_2673, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Anne Marie and Jim Trammell were in town so Jim could defend his dissertation. Anne Marie is pregnant, too!

Chiara gives her a good spin before she takes a shot at the elusive pinata.

Iowa City Baby Shower

IMG_2669, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Chiara tries to hit a pinata at the baby shower in Iowa City. It was hilarious watching grown adults trying to hit it.

Decorating "One-sies"

Shower003, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Sandra, Krista, Aunt Rina, Alex, and Jeri.

Baby Hemsley will have "unique" one-sies to wear!

Alessia and Chiara

Shower006, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Sister Alessia at the Baby Shower in Grand Rapids.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Can you hear me, now?

Shower012, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Is anybody out there?

Can you hear me?

Shower014, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Mark Jasinski listens for sounds.

Chiara and Mom

Shower008, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

This is Chiara on March 31st.

Thanksgiving Flipbook 7

Thanksgiving 2006026, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Fun times.

Thanksgiving Flipbook 6

Thanksgiving 2006022, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Sandra gets up to hug Chiara. Chiara was doing a good job at capturing the whole thing!

Thanksgiving Flipbook 5

Thanksgiving 2006020, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

I'm just laughing the whole time!

Thanksgiving Flipbook 4

Thanksgiving 2006019, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Starting from the Left: Sandra Jasinski, Pete Hemsley, Mark Jasinski, Nick Jasinski, Me, Alessia Jasinski, Mrs. Bradford, Grandma Bradford 1, Carrie Bradford, Grandma Bradford 2.

Thanksgiving Flipbook 3

Thanksgiving 2006017, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Another one.

Thanksgiving Flipbook 2

Thanksgiving 2006016, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Chiara just said, "Everyone say cheese. By the way, I'm pregnant!"

Thanksgiving Flipbook 1

Thanksgiving 2006015, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

This is the first picture of everyone at the Thanksgiving table. Chiara had a plan, that she would take everyone's picture in a rapid fire mode as she told them she was pregnant. This is the first picture of that moment. Fairly typical family gathering in Grand Rapids, MI.

Baby's Foot

ultrasound3, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Here's a neat picture of the baby's foot.

Another Ultrasound

ultrasound2, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Another picture, this time further zoomed out.

First Pictures of Second Baby Hemsley

ultrasound4, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

This is a really good picture of our new baby. This was taken back in January, when Chiara had her 20 week checkup.