Monday, July 28, 2014

Pisa! Pisa! Pisa!

We took a trip down to Tuscany to visit Pisa and Lucca.  The first day, we saw Pisa, which, as I said last year, is a great and surprising town. We went with Chiara's Zio Marco (no pics to prove he was there!) and Zia Raffaella, Nonna, Jeri, Bree, and Chiara and the kids. James was out of town for work. Raffaella, Bree and I climbed the tower. Norah was VERY upset that she couldn't go (only age 8 and up allowed) and made me promise to bring her back when she is of age! 
 There it is!

 It sure is leany!

 Zia Raffaella and Bree at the top of the tower. The horizon is straight, but the fence looks leany because of the angle of the tower!

 Chiara and Bree at the top

 View of Pisa from up above

 Nonna and Zia Raffaella near the Cathedral and Baptistry

 Inside the cathedral...Susy is trying to smile for the camera!

 Inside the baptistry, which was separate from the church since unbaptized people couldn't enter the cathedral.

 Susy Q being independent after lunch

 Luke finding a "seat" to rest on.

Norah and Bree resting in a doorway

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Milano in May

We had lots of visitors in May; Chiara's mom, Jeri, and Breeana came from Michigan. James' brother Peter, his wife Liz, and their daughter Jessalyn came from Reno!  We all took a day trip to Milano to see the Duomo and walk around.  Some of us even went up on the roof of the Duomo, which was very neat!

 Norah and Bree on the roof of the Duomo

 Norah on the roof

 Peter and Jessalyn in Parco della Vittoria, Milan. What a happy baby she is!

Peter, Liz, and Jess in front of the Arco della Pace