Monday, March 15, 2010

Naptime ritual

JanFeb2010083, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

The little people Norah plays with have three pets (these don't change even though we have tons of other animals to choose from): a sheep, a pig, and a little white dog. Before her naptime, she often puts the family down for their nap. They all sleep in the same room, apparently.

Cuddle TIme

JanFeb2010064, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

Norah and Daddy like to cuddle after dinner. They talk about their days, and tickle one another, and have tons of fun while I clean up dinner.

Slim pickings

JanFeb2010058, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

We have had a LONG, COLD, SNOWY winter here in Iowa. We haven't seen the ground since the first snowfall back in November or December. It has never gotten warm enough after that to melt the snow away. Anyway, the squirrels seem pretty desperate these days; here is on eating our bird food. Norah got a kick out of watching him go at it for a good 15 minutes!

Remember this toy?

JanFeb2010054, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

We were at our local consignment shop and I spotted this old-school cash register toy for $5.99. I had this toy when I was little, and James remembered it, too. We had to get it. It was a little dingy, but I washed it off when we got home, and it looks like new!

Norah loves this toy. She really has a blast "going shopping" around the house for different toys, putting them in her bag, and then paying for them at the cash register. I am so glad we found it!

A visit from "The Motherland"

JanFeb2010026, originally uploaded by James Hemsley.

My mom's brother, Marco, and his wife, Raffaella, came to visit MI for about 10 days in February. The Family Band went up to see them, since the last time we had seen them was in 2001, before James and I were married. It was great to see them both. My Italian is rusty at best, but I got by.

We went swimming at the YMCA with them several times (they purchased a week-long membership for their time here) and we had meals and lots of talks. Norah was scared of them at first, probably because my uncle is a little loud, and they don't speak English. They would say something to her in Italian, and she would just look at them and say, "No." That is what she does to me when I try to speak Italian to her! Anyway, by the end of the visit, she was giving hugs and talking to them and swimming with them quite comfortably.

I am glad we were able to go see them, and hopefully, it won't be another 8 years before we see them again!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Developing language, and a couple more stories

I remembered a few more Norah-isms after I posted yesterday. Here they are.

Can you say your L's?
According to our friend Amanda, who is a speech pathologist, the L-sound is one of the most difficult (and last) sounds for kids to master. Norah has not mastered it yet. She makes a "Y" sound for any and all "L's" she encounters while speaking. Interestingly, the "Y" sound she makes for "L's is actually different from the "Y" sound she makes for "Y". James and I can tell the difference, but most others can't.

So, here are some Norah-isms along these lines:

I Yove You!
I Yike it. I Yike it a YOT!
Mary had a Yittle Yam, Yittle Yam, Yittle Yam.....
I want to yisten to Yuhyabies [Lullabies]

And here is one that fits along these lines, but was also somewhat embarrassing for me:

One day, I was doing the dishes, and I had a particularly hard sneeze. Being 7+ months pregnant (and having been pregnant before...) has made me lose a little control when it comes to sneezing, laughing, and stopping myself from peeing. There, I said it. It's out there. Anyway, I sneezed while doing the dishes, and had a little mishap. I said, "Oh! No!" and Norah asked what was wrong, and I told her I had 'leaked' and had to go change my clothes. She seemed very troubled by this. She told my I should always do my peepee in the potty and wouldn't drop it. I immediately knew I should have kept my mouth shut, but I hadn't, and now my words were tattooed on her brain (she never forgets anything!!!!).

A day or two later, we were at Target, and I realized that I had forgotten to pick up something on my list when we were almost at the check-out. I said out loud, "Oh, No!" and Norah said, "What's wrong, Mommy? Are you Yeaking [leaking]?" Yes, there were people around, and yes, they heard her, and yes, I turned beet red and walked away from there as quickly as possible!

Who are you going to marry?
Last one, I promise. [But hey, this is one of my only chances to tell funny stories about Norah to people who might care!]

One day, Norah and I were having 'yunch' when she asked me about my belly (again). She said, "When is the baby in your belly going to come out?" I told here not for a while. She said, 'When I am big, I will have a baby in my belly, too!" and I clarified and suggested that maybe she should not only be big, but married, too....Then I asked, "Who is mommy married to?" And she said, "Yeah" (which means she has no idea). I told her, "I am married to Daddy." Then I asked, "Who do you think you will marry?" Without skipping a beat, she said, "I am going to marry Daddy, too!" I told this one to James and you could just see him swell with pride that Norah loves [yoves] him so!

That's all for now. Photos to come soon, I promise!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some updates (pictures to follow)

Wow! It has been a long time since we last posted. I will try to get some pictures up this week.

Norah has been growing up right before our eyes. Everyday, she adds new words to her repertoire, and is quite the talker. In fact, she talks from the minute she gets up to the minute she falls asleep with nary a minute of silence in between!

She has been saying some funny things regarding the baby on the way. She has been touching my belly and saying, "Baby, come out of there!" or pointing at my belly and saying, "Your belly is so big!" Yesterday, she saw my belly button, started laughing histerically, and said, "Your belly button is so big!" and then poked me like the Pillsbury Dough Boy! (My belly button IS pretty gross right now since it is basically inside-out.)

The other week, we had this exchange at the dinner table:

"Daddy, do you like mean queens?"
"Why are you saying 'No' to me?"
"Because you asked me if I liked mean queens."
"Daddy, do you like mean queens?"
"Why are you saying 'No' to me?"
"I am just answering your question. Do YOU like mean queens, Norah?"
"No, I don't. Do you like mean queens, Daddy?"
"No, I don't." (thinking this would make her understand....)
Still: "Why are you saying 'No' to me?"
"Why do you think?"
"Because I am so pretty, and I am a princess!"

I was just laughing [silently] the whole time. It was pretty funny. When Norah answers a question, she rarely says just "Yes" or "No". She will usually clarify, like "Yes, I do see it" or "No, I don't see it"

Norah has been doing really well on the potty. We employed the help of the sticker chart, and the Little Einsteins and ice cream as big rewards. It seems to be working. She still won't do number 2 on the potty, though...that might take a little longer.

Yesterday, her babysitter took her to the pet store (that is as close as we will get to owning a pet) to pet the puppies. The puppy she was petting pooped on the floor, and she said really loudly, "Oh no! The puppy pooped on the floor! He needs to do poopoo in the potty!"

Norah loves to be read to (what kid doesn't?). Now, when I finish a book, she will say, "Now I read it to you!" and she will go back through the whole thing and 'read' it to me (from memory!). She actually does really well!

That's all I can remember for now, but I am sure more things will come up when I post the photos.

P.S. All is well with Baby Hemsley. He is moving a LOT (usually from 10-11 at night, and from 3-5 am, waking me up!), and is growing by the day (as evidenced by my ever-growing belly!). We still haven't picked a name. James always suggests Bosephus, but I just WONT do that!