Monday, July 16, 2012

A conversation with Susannah

Luca Dancing to Meowsic

Some of Luca's latest dance moves for your viewing pleasure!

Luca Counts to 10

Luca is still working on some consonant sounds, namely the "S" and "F" sounds. So, when he counts to 10, it's quite funny (to us, anyway....). Enjoy!

Princess Poo Poo

Susannah pooped all over daddy's hand, his jeans, and the sofa, so we thought it might be a good time for a bath!


Here's Susannah watching the fun while we were at the park.

Green Park

We walked to a neighborhood park (we call it the green park, since most of the playground equipment is green) the other night, and the slides were making Luca's hair stand on end. I think it might be time for another haircut!

This is the best I can do

I am trying to get Luca to sit still for a photo with these beautiful flowers at the CBG, but this is the best I could get! I think he was all tuckered out!

Mommy and Luca

"Mommy, just let me go so I can see more trains!!!!!"

Action shot!

Here's Luca running around the Chicago Botanic Garden's Railroad Garden. He was in 7th heaven seeing all the miniature trains!

Wendy and Susannah

Here's Susannah visiting Wendy, the midwife who delivered her. Wendy was a calming force during labor and delivery, which is why I love midwives!

Brotherly love

When Luca isn't stopping Susannah's swing to give her a friendly poke in her eyes (I don't know why he keeps doing this!), he is trying to kiss and hug her. He doesn't know his own strength, so we have to watch him very closely!

Sam and Susannah

Here's Sam holding Susannah. Soon, Amanda and Sam will be holding their own baby! They are due to have their first child this winter!

Amanda and Sam visit

Amanda and Sam, our friends from Iowa City, made a visit recently. Here are Amanda and Susannah getting better acquainted. You can see Susannah's cowlick in this photo, too!

Luca and Nonna

Nonna got in the pool again! Did I mention it was HOT outside?

Bella Manina

Here's Nonna doing an Italian nursery rhyme for Luca and Lucia. It goes:

Bella Manina
dove sei stata?
Dalla nonnina
Cose ti ha dato?
Pan' e' formaggio
Cos' hai bevuto?
L'aqua del mare
Sputa la fuori che ti fa male!

It means:
Cute little hand
where have you been?
I've been to Nonna's
What did she give you?
Bread and cheese
What did you drink?
Sea water
Spit it out for it will make you sick!

Those wacky Italians!


We decided to take Norah, Bree, and Ethan to the fireworks downtown GR. I don't think I have ever been so hot since a mission trip to Mexico in 1993 where I had to wear pants or long skirts while working. I was sweating just sitting there at 10:30 at night! It was about 98 degrees at that time. Anyway, here's Norah getting ready to watch the show, which was great! She loved it! But, keep in mind that this is 10:30 at night, and she had been swimming all day, so she is EXHAUSTED! Can't you see it on her face?

Watermelon kids

As stated earlier, Luca and Lucia loved the melon. Lucia so much so that she would take other kids' discarded pieces and finish them off (Ewww!)!
Don' t you love Luke's belly hangin' out here? He had quite a meal!


We had a picnic for the holiday, and we cooled off by eating some cold watermelon after dinner! Luca and Lucia loved it! Here's Luca getting quite messy; don't worry, we threw him in the pool afterwards for a "bath"!

Even Nonna

It was so dang hot that even Nonna got in (this is rare, folks!)!!!!

In the pool

The kids basically spent about 4 hours per day in the pool. When we put them in bed at night, we heard none of the usual giggles, talking, etc. They went right to sleep. Norah even fell asleep holding a sippy-cup upright one night!


We went to MI for the 4th of July week, and boy are we glad we did!!!!! Aside from getting to introduce Susannah to Chiara's family members, we also got to hang out in Nonna's pool while the temperatures were 100+ and HUMID!

Luke LOVED the pool--he is quite fearless. He especially loves to do "BIG JUMPS" with his daddy!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baby Maven

EndofJune2012021, originally uploaded by Chiara and James Hemsley.

James' company (Mavens Consulting) gave Susannah a "Baby Maven" shirt--here she is modeling it while her daddy models his Mavens shirt!

Smiling or....

EndofJune2012109, originally uploaded by Chiara and James Hemsley.

is it just gas? We are not sure yet!

I'm 1 month old!

EndofJune2012102, originally uploaded by Chiara and James Hemsley.

Name: Susannah
Age: 1 month
Weight: 11 pounds exactly
Length: 22.25 inches
I like: eating and sleeping, taking baths, and being swaddled by daddy
Skills: I might be smiling socially (we are still not 100% sure it's not gas!) and I have cooed a few times! I can hold my head up for a few seconds, too!

1 month checkup

EndofJune2012137, originally uploaded by Chiara and James Hemsley.

Susannah had her 1 month doctor's appointment--and she did really well!

Norah and Luca did pretty well too, considering we were trapped in a little 6 foot x 6 foot room for about 30 minutes!

Here are Luca and Norah providing moral support to Susannah just before she gets her vaccines.

Train ride!

EndofJune2012211, originally uploaded by Chiara and James Hemsley.

Lamb's farm has a little train that goes around the property. Of course Luca could not call the day complete without taking a ride on the train.

James said that while we was excited to ride the train, Luca seemed a little scared when it actually started moving!

Beauty sleep

EndofJune2012182, originally uploaded by Chiara and James Hemsley.

Susannah spend the time at the farm catching up on her beauty sleep!

Petting the animals

EndofJune2012170, originally uploaded by Chiara and James Hemsley.

Norah loved petting all the sheep and goats at the farm.

Brushing the goats

EndofJune2012164, originally uploaded by Chiara and James Hemsley.

There was a part of the farm where the kids could go into a large pen and brush the sheep and goats in the pen.

Luca was careful to keep his distance from the sheep, but he really liked the baby goats!

You mean THAT'S what a sheep says?!?

EndofJune2012146, originally uploaded by Chiara and James Hemsley.

We recently took a trip to a local petting zoo and farm called Lamb's Farm.

Luca was surprised and horrified to find out what a sheep really sounds like when it bleats--they are LOUD!