Thursday, September 8, 2011

Can I come, too?

Luca wanted to stay and play at Norah's school, but alas, he is too little!

First Day of Pre-K

Here's Norah raring to go on her first day of Pre-K with Mrs. Bauer. She had a lot of fun, and even made some friends!


On our way back to the train station, we spotted this Calder sculpture (I think it's a representation of a flamingo) so we had to take a photo. Can you spot Norah and Sam?

Hemsley family

We took a family photo at the "Bean" or officially, the "Cloud Gate" sculpture.

Millennium Park Fountain

There is a really fun fountain at Millennium Park, so after the museum and lunch, we went there to let Norah splash around. Some kids were soaked, and it was about 70 degrees out (cold!). Norah slipped a few times, but managed to stay mostly dry!

Hotel Hemsley

We also had our friends from Iowa City, Amanda and Sam, come to visit for Labor Day weekend. We all took the train downtown and went to the Art Institute. It was really fun, and it's great to be members because you walk right in!

Luca waving

Luca knows how to wave and say: "Heyo!" (Hello!)--I wonder if he got his pronunciation of L's from his big sister.....

Relaxing in the English Garden

This room that Norah loves was actually quite cool and comfortable--the bricks must have been holding some of the cold from the night before.

We got there at about 9:15 am, and it was already 84 degrees! Hopefully next time, it will be cooler and more pleasant for all.

Norah's favorit spot

I think I posted a photo of her in her favorite spot at the CBG before, but here she is in her special place.

My dad and Maria came to visit and, of course, we took them to the CBG. Unfortunately, there was a heat wave while they visited, so it was pretty sticky!

Where are you?

Norah and Nonna like to play hide-and-seek. They even got Luca in on the action!

La mia Mamma

Me and my mom at the CBG.

Nonna's visit

We went to the Botanic Gardens with Nonna, and she loved them! Here are Nonna and Luca observing the waterfall garden.