Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At the zoo

We had some friends stay with us this past weekend, and as Saturday was another nice fall day, we all headed to the zoo.

Norah and Rory got to ride the carousel. They loved it!!!

Self portrait

An attempt at a self portrait of the three of us...

Brother and Sister

I tried to get a good photo of the both of them, but Luke was in serious need of a bang-trim (he has since had one!) and they were never both looking at me at the same time! Here, neither of them are looking at me, but they both look happy!

Raking Leaves 2

Luke and his rake---try to take it away and face the wrath of a 17-month-old!

Raking Leaves 1

It was a beautiful fall day, so the kids and I went out to rake some leaves. Norah mostly just sat in this pile of leaves and buried herself, while Luke raked with his mini-rake.

On the prowl for candy

We started with Norah and Luke walking--about 1 second after I took this photo, he fell on his face and scraped his forehead. So, he rode in the stroller while Norah ran from house to house.

Halloween Wildlife!

Norah and Luke had a blast this Halloween. Norah wants everyone to know that she was a Butterfly Princess at school, but a lion at night so she could be warmer. Luke was a koala bear. Doesn't he look cozy?