Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Paris, Part 1

Right after Luke's extravaganza was over, James and I skipped town for a much-anticipated trip to PARIS!  James had been there for work last year, and knew he had to take me sometime, without kids, so I could experience it, too.  Nonna and Jeri were kind enough to watch the rugrats for us so we could go on this birthday/anniversary trip. 

All I can say is: WOW!  Paris was amazing. Everywhere you looked, there were beautiful buildings, statues, parks, monuments, wide avenues, tree-lined streets and more.  It was truly spectacular.  Here are a few photos from our first 2 days there.

 Notre Dame

 James and Chiara (with Tour Eiffel in background)

 It doesn't disappoint; it's really a cool tower!

 James couldn't leave Paris without touching the Eiffel Tower

 Really pretty park called Jardin de Tuileries.  There were movable green metal chairs that you could put anywhere you like: near the fountain, under a shade-tree, next to a statue you like, wherever!  I love this concept and wish all public parks had it!

 Overlooking thegarden

 Some very manicured trees in the Jardin de Tuileries

 Art is everywhere in Paris: even at the Subway Stations! 

Paris is full of sculptures and statues, some to war heroes, and some romantic ones like this one called "Le Baiser" (The Kiss) by Rodin

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